Back From Vacation

Last week I was in Island Park for my wife's family reunion.  It was so nice to be out and away from civilization for a little bit.  However, coming back to work today is extra hard!  I'm looking forward to retirement.  It is only what? 35 years away?  More years than I've been alive.  I think I can. I think I can. =)

What Hope!

I wrote the following to a friend as a reply to his email earlier today.

I'm feeling a little depressed economically this week(Stimulus bill signed, Foreclosure plan announced today, Promises to auto industry, plans for trillions more to go to banking industry).   I don't have a lot, but what I have, I have worked hard for.  I own 30% of my home in 5 years.  I don't think many people can say that on there first home. It is a modest home.  I've paid extra to my mortgage/equity line every month.  I saved up for a year to put extra money towards my house when I bought it.  I use the TV we had 5 years before we bought the home.  I have never bought a "New" car.  I worked hard to get here.  Now, I have to start paying for people that have troubled loans.  why?  Shouldn't I have the choice to donate or not.  I'm being robbed by those who have sworn to protect me.  Protect me!  Not take from me to distribute how they see fit,  to take from those who want to keep what they worked so hard for. I have the inclination to stop paying my mortgage, and buying extravagantly.  That is what my so-called government wants me to do!! spend!!!  They will make sure I get away with not paying my mortgage. I will be taken care of.  Heck I should stop working too.  they will give me all the health care, unemployment I need.  I should stop working so hard for myself, when I can get "Charity" from society. 

Sigh!!!  Where did freedom go!!!

Some may say I feel this way because I'm not the one in trouble.  I have a job, and I can make my payments.  I haven't always been there.  AT one time the company I worked for went out of business.  I worked a few cruddy temp jobs to bring in some money.  I had some money in the bank so I knew my small family would be okay a few months (this means I wasn't living beyond my means).  I didn't expect government to provide for me.  I went out and did what I had to.  What is worth having is worth fighting(working hard) for.  No, life isn't fair.  I've had my share of that too. 

Again, Sigh!!!

A Post. A Post. We Have A Post!

Miscellaneous items:

1:  I don't watch much TV.  I really don't.  I rent Smallville and Star Trek from Netflix.  I borrow Heroes from a friend.  My wife bought me The Cosby Show for Christmas.   I don't even watch that much sports, and I love sports.  The other night, I was checking out for some old shows I could watch.  I came across "Lie To Me".  It peaked my interest.  I had heard nothing about it before, except for maybe one commercial.  I loved the pilot show.  It was light, fun, entertaining, and interesting.  I watched the next episode with the Mrs. next week.  Still fun and entertaining.   I recommend giving it  a try.  Maybe I enjoy it because I haven't  watched all the the crime investigation shows the past few years .  Tim Roth's character cracks is fantastic in my opinion.  He is carrying the show right now.

2: is great.  One problem I have with TV is a) commercials, b) scheduling it into my life c) i don't like to watch show out of sequence (I'm into the whole story arc thing).  Lie To Me is a new show and there has only been two episodes, and I watched both episodes a day or two after the original running, and I watched them after 10:00 pm when I actually had some free time to myself.  One time I had the option to view a long commercial and then watch the rest of the show uninterrupted.  Fantastic! I get something to snack on and come back in time to not miss a thing, and have no delays.

3:  Work.  The boss is trying to get our company's ( ranking on google higher.  We really need to get higher up in the search pages.  Currently we our at about 5.  I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help out in my little world.

Why So Serious?

I think I'm addicted.

I have been listening to The Dark Knight score since ehowton informed me about it.  I love it.  I have started listening and haven't stopped since.  Today, I switched over to Excelsior, but when "Will is Everything" came up, I just wanted to switch back to The Dark Knight.

I don't know what it is that has captivated me.  I think there may be some subliminal messaging going on that has me addicted.  What a great score.  Each listen I find something new.  I find this amazing because upon first listen, you could almost think it is all the same except for the Joker static sounds.  I feel the score captured the movie perfectly and also stands on its own very nicely.

As for the movie.  I loved it.  I have seen it twice.  Both were matinées, but I would have been willing to spend the full price.  However, this way I can see it again, if I can convince the Mrs. it is worth it.  I love the story, and the pacing.  The pacing is what I've enjoyed most about the  new adaption of the Batman franchise.  So many great movies still have dull, trudge through the dialog parts, but I don't find that the case with the batman movies.  I'll not ruin the plot for those who have not seen it yet.  I can't wait to own this one on DVD!  I look forward to the next movie.


Excelsior! is my favorite mix to date.  I have given this mix a spin many, many times already.  I love the movie scores that motivate me to think I "Can Do!"    There is very little not to love on this cd.  The first track Main Title from Zulu sets the tone. Wake up and get moving!  Then anticipation begins, starting with Combat Drop, and continues to build until you drop into Becoming Jerome & God’s Hands from Gattaca, which will set your feet in motion.  The journey is fun too!

Suddenly we Jump(,The) into a different tone until Will Is Everything and Preparations helps us reflect on what it takes to "Get it done."  Now we lighlty start down On the Road and continue The Training until we takeoff in Building the Crate.  If you aren't feeling good about yourself by the end of this piece, well, you one messed up chicken. (I don't know what they are, but I love the kazoo sounds in the middle of this track) 

The next set of tracks provide a wide range of approaches to the "Can Do" theme.  The Buffalo Hunt will provide the epic feel, but The Construction is the high point of the set.  The beginning swirling melody will simply pick you up.

One piece in this mix pulls me in no matter what I'm doing, no matter where I am.  I have to turn the volume up and set myself at ease.  I am saddened when the track suddenly ends with the mix into the next track, because I want that emotion to continue to build.  
I imagine this was a hard track to decide what to follow it up with.  I usually hit back a few times before moving on from this one.  Yes, St. Crispin’s Day is my favorite!  I guess I have a thing for "swirling" melodies"  I absolutely love how this track builds and builds on the emotional level.  I'm ready, send me to battle!!

The rest of the CD carries on at a high level until the ending
Rocketeer to the Rescue, which is another of my favorites on the CD.  The last track is a great wrap for Excelsior!, neither too much, nor too little.  Again, this is a very enjoyable and fun CD.  The progress through the CD is great.  Well done swashbuckler332!

My highlight tracks: 5,8,16,20,26

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The Musical Journey Begins

The journey begins.  After a Postal service mishap, and a couple of weeks anxiously waiting,  THE PACKAGE ARRIVED.  swashbuckler332 goods arrived at my home on Friday.  Thank you so much swashbuckler332!!  My ears have been treated to swashbuckler332's incredible mixes since I opened the package.  The timing ended up being impeccable.  I spent four hours on the road the next day and will be making another longer road trip this weekend.  While the minivan is not my favorite listening post, it was nice to have new arrangements to listen to while driving. 

My drive to work this morning was my first,  (well second chance, I spent an hour listening to Redwoods at home with my wife Friday night), to start the more critical listening.  I was not upset that 90% of the stoplights where red today!    For  this post I'll point out the first thing I've noticed, or should say haven't noticed.  The transitions are so smooth I don't even know they are happening until I'm 30 seconds into the next track hearing a theme from a different movie.  I know that is not an easy task.  I'm so looking forward to listening to everything. 

More to come I'm sure...
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My House

Thoughts spawned from

Living Room: "(kids) place to stand between you and your television"
Garage: Place that serves its actual purpose.  Store vehicles.
Kitchen: Place for cheerios on the floor.
Computer/Office Room:  Place to mimic dad on the computer, but with the volume louder playing annoying kids game's music.  Place to build towers out of couch cushions and pillows between the door and the computer of course.
Bedroom: Place for 3AM notifications of bad dreams
Play room/Kids room: Place to store toys when not playing with them. 
Hallway/Walkway: Greatest race car location for all 600 pixar/hotwheel cars.
Laundry Room: Place for every miscellaneous item in the house.
Bathroom: Sanctuary!

I need a basement!
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