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Finding Finding Neverland

Thanks to the direction of [info]ehowton I've found the Finding Neverland OST.  What a treat!  This has been splendid music to listen to while at work.  I've been trying out about 5 new soundtracks and this is the one that has been the most enjoyable at work.  I love to hear good piano music and this soundtrack is loaded with it.  Now I must admit there isn't much in the way of motivating me to get up and conquer the world like Braveheart of Pirates of the Caribbean,  but it is not depressing in any way.  It is light cheery music most the way through.  I look forward to listening to it in a more critical way without the distraction of work.  I recall the movie being much the same way,  light, fun, and keeps you going.  Nothing over the top.
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