February 2nd, 2009


A Post. A Post. We Have A Post!

Miscellaneous items:

1:  I don't watch much TV.  I really don't.  I rent Smallville and Star Trek from Netflix.  I borrow Heroes from a friend.  My wife bought me The Cosby Show for Christmas.   I don't even watch that much sports, and I love sports.  The other night, I was checking out Hulu.com for some old shows I could watch.  I came across "Lie To Me".  It peaked my interest.  I had heard nothing about it before, except for maybe one commercial.  I loved the pilot show.  It was light, fun, entertaining, and interesting.  I watched the next episode with the Mrs. next week.  Still fun and entertaining.   I recommend giving it  a try.  Maybe I enjoy it because I haven't  watched all the the crime investigation shows the past few years .  Tim Roth's character cracks is fantastic in my opinion.  He is carrying the show right now.

2:  Hulu.com is great.  One problem I have with TV is a) commercials, b) scheduling it into my life c) i don't like to watch show out of sequence (I'm into the whole story arc thing).  Lie To Me is a new show and there has only been two episodes, and I watched both episodes a day or two after the original running, and I watched them after 10:00 pm when I actually had some free time to myself.  One time I had the option to view a long commercial and then watch the rest of the show uninterrupted.  Fantastic! I get something to snack on and come back in time to not miss a thing, and have no delays.

3:  Work.  The boss is trying to get our company's (www.truckmasterlogistics.com/) ranking on google higher.  We really need to get higher up in the search pages.  Currently we our at about 5.  I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help out in my little world.