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Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

Track 5 "Up is Down" is my favorite.  Very silly and disappointing part of the movie though.  I guess the track is bigger than the scene so the felt they needed to keep it quite in the move. 
Track 10 "What Shall We Die For"   With a name like that, you better not fail, and this track doesn't.  Starts off slow and grows into the motivational title it claims.  Leads very nicely into the next track.
Track 8 "Parlay" is next on my list.  I really like how this track builds and builds as it goes.

I don't think I can order them in any order past this point.

Track 1 "Hoist the Colors" is a fun lead in to the soundtrack.  Love the dark tone it sets with the voices.
Track 11 "I Don't Think Now is the Best Time" is the longest track and thus has some good moments and some moments where you just keep listening.
Track 12 "One Day" is a nice mix of motivational and reflective themes.

Overall, I've really, really enjoyed this score, which probably didn't help my opinion of the movie because I had a different idea of what the movie would be than what it ended up being.  The score is one of my new favorites.  Listen to it a lot during my commutes.

Track 13 "Drink Up Me Hearties"!
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