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The Musical Journey Begins

The journey begins.  After a Postal service mishap, and a couple of weeks anxiously waiting,  THE PACKAGE ARRIVED.  swashbuckler332 goods arrived at my home on Friday.  Thank you so much swashbuckler332!!  My ears have been treated to swashbuckler332's incredible mixes since I opened the package.  The timing ended up being impeccable.  I spent four hours on the road the next day and will be making another longer road trip this weekend.  While the minivan is not my favorite listening post, it was nice to have new arrangements to listen to while driving. 

My drive to work this morning was my first,  (well second chance, I spent an hour listening to Redwoods at home with my wife Friday night), to start the more critical listening.  I was not upset that 90% of the stoplights where red today!    For  this post I'll point out the first thing I've noticed, or should say haven't noticed.  The transitions are so smooth I don't even know they are happening until I'm 30 seconds into the next track hearing a theme from a different movie.  I know that is not an easy task.  I'm so looking forward to listening to everything. 

More to come I'm sure...
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