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Excelsior! is my favorite mix to date.  I have given this mix a spin many, many times already.  I love the movie scores that motivate me to think I "Can Do!"    There is very little not to love on this cd.  The first track Main Title from Zulu sets the tone. Wake up and get moving!  Then anticipation begins, starting with Combat Drop, and continues to build until you drop into Becoming Jerome & God’s Hands from Gattaca, which will set your feet in motion.  The journey is fun too!

Suddenly we Jump(,The) into a different tone until Will Is Everything and Preparations helps us reflect on what it takes to "Get it done."  Now we lighlty start down On the Road and continue The Training until we takeoff in Building the Crate.  If you aren't feeling good about yourself by the end of this piece, well, you one messed up chicken. (I don't know what they are, but I love the kazoo sounds in the middle of this track) 

The next set of tracks provide a wide range of approaches to the "Can Do" theme.  The Buffalo Hunt will provide the epic feel, but The Construction is the high point of the set.  The beginning swirling melody will simply pick you up.

One piece in this mix pulls me in no matter what I'm doing, no matter where I am.  I have to turn the volume up and set myself at ease.  I am saddened when the track suddenly ends with the mix into the next track, because I want that emotion to continue to build.  
I imagine this was a hard track to decide what to follow it up with.  I usually hit back a few times before moving on from this one.  Yes, St. Crispin’s Day is my favorite!  I guess I have a thing for "swirling" melodies"  I absolutely love how this track builds and builds on the emotional level.  I'm ready, send me to battle!!

The rest of the CD carries on at a high level until the ending
Rocketeer to the Rescue, which is another of my favorites on the CD.  The last track is a great wrap for Excelsior!, neither too much, nor too little.  Again, this is a very enjoyable and fun CD.  The progress through the CD is great.  Well done swashbuckler332!

My highlight tracks: 5,8,16,20,26

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