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My Time

For 40-50 minutes of my work week, I travel to and from work.  I don't mind the drive at all except when the roads are solid ice and people are flying by and sliding off the road in front of me.  Here are the speed limits I travel everyday. 
45(future city commercial)
40(city main streets)
60(rural highway)
75(rural Interstate)
35(City main street)
25(side street)

I drive from my hometown to a smaller town 10 miles away for work.  I drive a Chevy Malibu, and I love my car. 

Didn't that line sound like something somebody would say in a recovering addict commercial. Anyway, my Malibu is white, unlike this stock photo.

I'm not a car guy so I can't give you all the details.
Some Cool Features
  1. It has a v6 in it and I will never drive a v4 again.  I love being able to push the pedal down and jet onto the freeway in front of the semi and all the traffic behind it. The handling is smooth too.
  2. The last couple weeks while driving to work I've thought to myself, "It would be cool if a car realized the speed changes and adjusted the stereo volume automatically."  I guess my subconscious noticed that my car was already doing this and triggered the thought.  I started noticing that my car was actually doing this.  Cool!  It isn't perfect but pretty close.  I love having 25 minutes to listen to music. My listening varies from Soundtracks to Josh Groban, Peter Cetera, more soundtracks.  I love the time I have to listen.  It is great when heading home to help me clear my head from the work day.  Still, how cool is it that my car is smart enough to adjust the volume so I don't have to.
  3. Auto lights.  I love this feature.  I never think about turning my car lights on anymore.  The only downfall to this is when I get in the family van and forget to turn the lights on... 
  4. Dash Controls. I like how all the cruise control/dash panel settings are set up.  I love the info menus too. 
Maybe I'm just slow coming into the 21st century, and these things are not new to everybody else.  Or maybe it was the v4 with no stereo that I drove for a year while my wife drove this car.  Either way, I love my little car.  It is fun to drive around.  I'm glad my wife talked me out of the cheaper, bigger, older Impala.   
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