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Maybe it is time for me to start posting to LJ?!  Will anybody read it though?

So I recently read jaceman's accomplishment list.  Yes, I believe that was to be witty and sarcastic, but it did start me thinking about my accomplishments.

  1. Beautiful loving wife 
  2. Three awesome Sons
  3. Many friends,  no known enemies
  4. Masters in Information Systems Management
  5. Own 20% of my home  (goal is to own outright in 11 more  years)
  6. 2 years of mission work for my church
  7. 5 years of solid work experience in a field related to my degree
  8. Solid start to my 401K
  9. Own my 2005 car, will own the 2006 minivan in 2 years -- should provide a few good years with no car payments after that
  10. Credit Score above 800
Of course, the top three are my greatest accomplishments.  There are more, but I'm content.

Life is good!